About Us- Warrior Dynamics

Who we are:

Welcome to Warrior Dynamics!  Our company is a Pro- 2nd Amendment Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) created to promote the safe, legal, responsible, and ethical use of firearms. Our core goal is to educate our students on the safe and practical use of firearms while teaching them the responsibilities of firearms ownership. The classes we offer are open to anyone who meets the requirements of gun ownership and class participation. In the end, our students should leave our classes with:


  • an enhanced state of awareness and a new sense of responsibility while owning and carrying a firearm.

  • a higher ethical standard and an understanding of the Tri-State (Indiana, Kentucky & Illinois) area laws regarding firearms.

  • a raised level of confidence regarding firearms, how to safely handle them and to develop good safe habits.

  • a heightened enthusiasm for the shooting sports.

  • an enlightened appreciation for what our public safety professionals encounter on a daily basis.

  • a desire to further their firearms education with Warrior Dynamics, LLC!

  • an expanded knowledge of treatment of trauma (medical classes)

About our staff:

Each of the Warrior Dynamics staff members are Certified NRA Range Safety Officers, medically trained in at least basic first aid & CPR, specifically trained in Trauma and treating gunshot wounds and penetrating trauma and have years of experience in the military or public safety sector. Click here for specific information about each of our instructors.