Warrior Dynamics - Advanced Shotgun Class

The Advanced Shotgun class is the pinnacle of our shotgun training classes.  We take all that you have learned in the Basic and Defensive Shotgun classes and then we add some new skills and put you through a comprehensive shotgun skills test.


We will cover one hand drills, some weapon retention skill sets, and how to clear rooms in your house with a shotgun. We will also go over pistol transition drills.  The culmination of this training class will be the FORCE on FORCE room clearing exercise at the end of the day.  Simunition gear is used for this segment of the training.


This class is four hours in length and it costs $125.  


The student will need a shotgun, 100 rounds of lightweight loads, hearing protection, eye protection, and must wear an athletic cup for the FORCE on FORCE training.  Also, the student will be required to wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and lightweight gloves are recommended for the FORCE on FORCE.


The student will also be required to bring a handgun, and a good holster, one magazine, and 50 rounds of ammunition.


Email Us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.