Warrior Dynamics - Basic Rifle / Carbine Class

Our Warrior Dynamics - Basic Rifle / Carbine Class is an excellent way to hone your skills with an M-4/AR15.  The AR15 rifle is an American favorite and in many homes, it has supplanted the shotgun.  If you own an AR15 rifle and you want to get a good basic foundation for future training classes, this class is a must.


We cover loading, unloading, making the rifle safe, sighting in the rifle from the prone position, mounting the rifle, and basic operation and maintenance of the AR15 rifle platform.


This is a four-hour class and it costs $100.  


The student needs an AR15 rifle, 150rounds of ammo, at least two magazines, the necessary tools to adjust the sights on your rifle, ground cover for shooting from the prone position, cleaning gear, hearing protection, and eye protection.


Email Us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.