Warrior Dynamics - Vehicle Carjacking Defense Class

This class takes a little explaining so it does not scare the absolute bejeebers out of you.  You will be shooting from inside (sort of) of your vehicle, but on the driver's side as you can see from the photo above the gun will actually be outside of the car when you are firing.  When you fire through the open passenger side window, your muzzle will only be inches from the open window.


We have never shot a car during this training.  So just get that idea out of your head.


Think of how much time you spend in your car.  Now think about if you are in your car and you have to defend yourself, just how would you go about it?  Have you really thought this all the way through?  The answer for most people is NO.


We take our students through a methodical step by step process to make sure you are safe and your personal vehicle is safe.  We teach the techniques used during this training with an empty gun with a zip tie running through the chamber and extending out through the barrel so it is impossible to have any ammo in the chamber.


Once you have learned our well thought out techniques, we then go to live fire, but we go slowly and deliberately to create the muscle memory and the excellent muzzle and trigger finger discipline that we require in all of our classes.  When you get the hang of it, you will only go as fast as YOU can SAFELY go.  YOU completely control the speed at which you push yourself.


There is a low student to instructor ratio to this class and we try to get as close to one on one as we possibly can.  When done correctly, this training is safer than most all other firearms training because of the methodical methods used to keep you and your vehicle safe.


This is the really cool part.  We have a junk car towed to the gun range and all students will have the opportunity to sit inside of this car with the side windows up and you will learn how to shoot through the front windshield.  We actually shoot through the front windshield from inside and outside and we shoot through the side windows and back window.


There is so much to be learned from this training and no one teaches this class better than we do.  That is because we are the most experienced trainer doing this type of training.  Guy Minnis is a graduate of World Famous Ken Vogel's - Armed Vehicle Operations and his Armed Vehicle Operations II training classes.  Guy Minnis and only Guy Minnis has received permission to use Ken Vogel's copyrighted training techniques in our area.  Anyone else using his training techniques is liable for copyright infringement.


Come join us for the most fun you will ever have in a firearms training class.


Each student will be required to bring a vehicle, handgun, two magazine pouches, at least three magazines, 250 rounds of ammunition, a baseball type ball cap, WRAP AROUND EYE PROTECTION, and hearing protection and as Ken Vogel says, “A positive attitude and a willingness to learn.”


The cost is $125 for this four-hour class.


Email Us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.