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Warrior Dynamics is proud to offer Women's Only classes.  Click here for a list of all of our Women's Only Classes & Seminars.

Warrior Dynamics is proud to offer & recognizes the need for Women's Only classes. 

This Women's Only class picks up right where the Basic Class ends. We will build on the fundamentals from the basic class.

This class will teach the students the proper way to conceal carry utilizing bags, clothes and concealed carry holsters.

Violent Crimes are on the rise.  Learn new ways to enhance your awareness and how to protect yourself.

Warrior Dynamics Shotgun Class List

Warrior Dynamics Basic  Shotgun Class 

Warrior Dynamics Advanced Shotgun Class 

Warrior Dynamics Defensive Shotgun Class 

Warrior Dynamics Basic Rifle / Carbine Class covers loading, unloading, making the rifle safe, sighting in the rifle from the prone position, mounting the rifle, and basic operation and maintenance of the AR15 rifle platform.

Warrior Dynamics Defensive Rifle / Carbine Class you will learn how to speed reload, tactical reload, fix stoppages, get off the line of attack, engage multiple targets, and much more

The Warrior Dynamics Advanced AR15 Rifle class is the top of the mountain when it comes to training with your AR. Students will learn one hand operations, ground fighting skills, room clearing, and much more.

The Warrior Dynamics Low Rifle class is taking your  training with your AR to the next level. Students will learn more about low light shooting, room clearing, and much more.

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One On One Training

One on One Training (Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun)

Basic Handgun

Warrior Dynamics Basic Handgun class can be accomplished in a one-on-one setting or with a small group in a class type setting.  This is a four-hour class.  

Advanced Handgun

Warrior Dynamics Advanced Handgun Class You must be a graduate of our Defensive Handgun or an equivalent class from a recognized firearms trainer.  This is a four-hour class.  

Defensive Handgun

This is the next logical step for those students that have been through the Basic Handgun class or a one-on-one session.  This is a four-hour class.  

Point Blank Shooting

Attackers may be trying to disarm you or you may be trying to disarm the attacker.    Join us for this intense class. This is a four-hour class.  

Concealed Carry Handgun

The Concealed Carry Handgun Class teaches you what works and what does not work when it comes to carrying your personal defense handgun concealed.   

Laser Sight Handgun

Learn how to use a laser to your advantage and what the dangers can be of improper laser use.  This is the class for all of students that have a laser sighting device on their self-defense handgun.  

Point Shooting

Most gunfights take place at less than five or six yards and they are very intense and dynamic events.  Learn the secrets of this style of shooting. 

Moving Attacker Handgun Class

In this class, you will learn how to engage a moving target that is moving from left to right, right to left, and charging at you. This is a four-hour class.  

Low Light Handgun

If you are ever involved in a lethal force confrontation the odds are the lighting conditions will not be good!  Learn how to uses a flashlight in conjunction with your handgun.  This is a four-hour class.  

Vehicle Carjacking Defense

This class takes a little explaining so it does not scare the absolute bejeebers out of you.  You will be shooting from inside (sort of) of your vehicle...peak your interest?


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NRA Courses

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US Concealed Carry Association

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Medical Classes

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