Warrior Dynamics - Low-Light Handgun Class

The Warrior Dynamics - Low Light Handgun Class is Awesome!  Did you know that if you are ever involved in a lethal force confrontation that the odds are the lighting conditions will not be good?  There is a great chance the encounter will take place under less than favorable lighting conditions and in low-light.


This is the class that teaches you how to use a handgun and a handheld flashlight at the same time.  The students will shoot in the dark with and without light and will learn how to use cover while shooting in the dark.


Several flashlight techniques will be taught and then each student will have the opportunity to go through a shoot house and clear multiple rooms while using their newly learned flashlight techniques.  There will be photo type shoot/no-shoot targets in each room so the shooter is forced into making the correct decisions. 


This class is a BLAST!


This is a four-hour class and the cost is $110.

The student will be required to have a handgun, holster, flashlight, two mag pouches, at least three magazines, 300 rounds of ammo, hearing protection and eye protection.


Contact Us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.