Warrior Dynamics - Point Blank Shooting

The Warrior Dynamics Pointblank encounters happen far more often than you think.  In these GOD awful deadly force confrontations you are at contact range and you are fighting for your life.  The attacker may be trying to disarm you or you may be trying to disarm the attacker.  

These encounters are almost always a FIGHT to the DEATH!


Our Instructors will guide you through the first three hours of this training. You do not have to have any fighting skills to attend.  They will teach the students how to protect the handgun in the holster and in your hands and will teach some simple disarming techniques that all students can use with a little practice.


We will teach the close retention shooting techniques that marry up with the first three hours of defensive tactics techniques.  Few firearms instructors offer blended defensive tactics and shooting skills.  Our techniques work in the real world of deadly force confrontations.

A specialty three-dimensional target is used for this training.  The 3D target will be dressed and it can be struck forcefully with the hands, and it will rock backward and return to the full upright position.  This three-dimensional target is expensive ($35), but the GREAT NEWS is that the student gets to keep this target and use it over and over because it can withstand hundreds of shots.


The student will be required to bring a handgun, holster, at least one magazine pouch, at least two magazines, 250 rounds of ammo, a baseball type cap, hearing protection, and eye protection.


The cost is $150 for this six-hour class.  Email us at training@warriordynamics.net