Warrior Dynamics - Point Shooting Class

In the Warrior Dynamics - Point Shooting Class, the shooter will be taught the real world of gunfighting, the distances are very close.  Most gunfights take place at less than five or six yards and they are very intense and dynamic events. Few if any people involved in a gunfight at these distances report ever seeing their sights.  For this reason, a good firearms training program teaches its students how gunfights actually occur.


In this class, we put masking tape over the sights so you cannot use them in the traditional sense.  We teach the body indexing system and the point shoulder shooting position.  The gun will be well below your line of site in a close encounter and that is why you need to learn how to shoot without seeing your front sight in the rear sight notch at eye level.


You will be amazed at how accurately you can fire once you know the secrets of point shooting.  You will learn from an old point shooter that cut his eyeteeth on point shooting.


The student will need a handgun, holster, two magazine pouches, 300 rounds of ammo, hearing protection, and eye protection.


This is a four-hour class and the cost is $100.  Email Us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.