We are offering some new services with the new owner.  We are taking Warrior Dynamics to the next level.

Warrior Dynamics - Services

Warrior Dynamics is proud to offer Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Classes.  Did you know that OSHA and Homeland Security has partnered together on this topic?  Active Shooter events are now a recognized hazard and the Employer has to train their employees annually on this annually .  

Warrior Dynamics has several Safety Professionals in their ranks.  Allow us to come to your business and/or workplace and evaluate safety issues that are prevalent in many industries.  

Are you a target?  Is your company?  Allow Warrior Dynamics to evaluate your security in your workplace or business.

This is something brand new.  We have received requests to come and evaluate several churches/centers of worship!  Here is the best part...We will do this for free!  We ask if you implement an armed security team that you allow us to train your personnel. 

Do you have more than 10 employees?  According to OSHA you have to have a written Emergency Action Plan.  Allow us to help your company maintain compliance with this standard.

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