Warrior Dynamics - Women's Only Classes

Women's Only Classes

Warrior Dynamics is proud to offer & recognizes the need for Women's Only classes. This is the meat and potatoes class that we offer for beginners.  We will take you from the ground up on your firearms training.

This Women's Only class picks up right where the Basic Class ends. We will build on the fundamentals from the basic class.

The Warrior Dynamics -Women's Only Defensive Pistol class the shooter will learn how to draw the gun from a holster, scan for threats, make speed reloads, tactical reloads, fix stoppages, move off the line of attack, and much, much more.

This class will teach the students the proper way to conceal carry utilizing bags, clothes and concealed carry holsters.

If you own an AR15 rifle and you want to get a good basic foundation for future training classes, this class is a must.

Violent Crimes are on the rise.  Learn new ways to enhance your awareness and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. This class is a must for those women that want to help identify hazardous situations before they happen.

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