Warrior Dynamics - Women's Only -Advanced Handgun 

In the Warrior Dynamics Women's Only Advanced Handgun class, you must be a graduate of our Defensive Handgun Class or an equivalent class from a recognized firearms trainer.  You will work on one hand operations with your left and right hands, the proper use of cover using different shapes and sizes, shooting on the move, this training day will also incorporate some of our Simunition scenario based training that you are going to love.


Students will actually gunfight each other with Sims gear. This is where the rubber meets the road.  If you can survive these highly intense gunfights, the real thing will seem mild.


Students will be required to bring an athletic cup for the Sims training, plus students must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, and must wear our safety gear.  Because of the Sims training this class is a little more expensive than our other classes.


This is a four to five-hour class and costs $125.  Students will need a handgun, quality holster, 300 rounds of ammo, hearing protection, and eye protection.


Email us at training@warriordynamics.net to register.